About Us

The Genesis

In October 2016, I set out to support those who would be on their own on Christmas Day. On Christmas day, 2016, people of all ages and nationalities sat down together and thoroughly enjoyed a delicious, traditional Christmas dinner prepared, cooked, and served by volunteers. A great time was had by all and the overwhelming response to this event helped us to understand that loneliness doesn’t only affect people on Christmas Day but that which is an ongoing, year-round battle. The Self Love Hub was born, and named as where “Where You Will Never Be Alone”.

The Self Love Hub is a community haven, its mission chiefessays.net is to provide a place where people come to socialise over a free three course meal. A place best defined as a ‘home away from home’. A place where those who have very little or no family around them can be shown love and community care. We have as many things as possible to make it feel like a home for all. We want those who come to our Hub to have an awesome experience that will in turn give them a sense of belonging and that community spirit they long for.


Our Mission, Our Aim & Our Promises

Our Mission
  • To be there for all, especially those who are isolated and lonely
  • Not to judge but to be understanding
  • To spread love to all those who are broken
  • To re-build trust in communities
  • To ensure that we empathize on the need to socialise whilst keeping things real with our members, in their journey to have a well balanced fulfilling life
  • To re-build one-love in communities
Our Aim
  • To always maintain our passion and compassion towards our very valuable friends who are also members
  • We strongly believe that when our focus does not deviate, to continue on the path we have created will be do-able
Our Promise
  • To never neglect our members, who are also our friends
  • We believe in friendship and building the right kind of friendship is also as important. Our members are our pride and joy

Where we are now?

Community Cares Club is birthed in order for us to extend the Self Love Hub feeling to all communities around the UK. It is set up to emphasize our vision, mission and aim, which is to truly support those who are on their own for whatever reason.

Community Cares Club, is a national club, with members all around the UK, whilst the Self Love Hub is the local service provide more physical support for each community. Our members will benefit from regular contacts from us, which we call 'Welfare Check'

The 'Welfare Check'is for all ages, especially those who are under the age of 65. The norm or the myth is that only older adults are affected by loneliness, however, we have come to understand that loneliness is a disease which essay writing service is not based on age, sexuality, gender, religion or race, but that which is able to inflict on anyone, especially, those who are lonely and isolated. Loneliness is the prerequisite of depression, in which many scientist are beginning to say, it is able to cause diabetes, obesity and other severe mental health illnesses.