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April 16, 2018
April 19, 2018
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Are You?

Are You?

One of the most difficult set of people to love, date, have as friends, marry, employ or advise are those who are always negative.

When your thoughts and/or contribution to any discussion or your views about others and/or yourself are continually negative, then you are indirectly telling everyone around you to stay away from you.

Remember, life is too short for anyone to decide to hide under negativity; moreso, being perpetually negative is a sign that the person is mentally and emotionally lazy.

So when next you decide on saying "I am lonely", as yourself this question, 'who would want to spend 5 minute of their precious time with a negative person?'.

Even when things are not going well, still make that conscious decision to remain positive, if you don't, you will forever be living in total isolation and continue to feed your soul the painful food of loneliness.


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