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April 18, 2018
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Habits are those things we can be identify by. Habits can be another way in which others are able to describe our personality. Habits are the things we may not see as neither positive or negative to our development

Unfortunately, we don't want others to judge us base on the things we do in the moment, but we fail to understand that those things we do in the moment are the things we have been doing for a long time and since they have become second to nature, we have built some sort of immunity towards it and no longer identify our habits as anything which is able to stop us from growing positively mentally, emotionally, financially, physically and most importantly, spiritually.

What we need to begin to examine and explore are those petty things others complain about us. Those things we don't think they should pick up on or those things others use to judge either our genuinity or our ability to be honest or responsible.

What is the essence of this epistle?

The habit you fail to recognise as a bad thing, may eventually be what will cause you to become lonely and isolated. Our habits are as powerful as the food we eat. Our habits can easily poison us, in which could cause us to remain stagnant, fearful, irresponsible, irrational, envious, bitter and arrogant

Remember, that person who is about to judge you may be wrong for doing so, however, you have your own part to play, to PROVE TO YOURSELF, that their judgement of you is not your true identity nor is it your reality.

What is your real identity?