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  • We will ensure that you are contacted as specified in your registration form
  • You will receive birthday card from you for as long as you are a member & our community friend
  • We will ensure that your social and emotional well-being is our priority
  • We will share with you resources and amenities in your area that you may be able to benefit from
  • We will act in a case where you may be in any for of danger (providing we are aware of it)
  • During our regular well-being check of you, we will endeavour to provide as much information as possible in relation to the things you may find confusing about local amenities, including doing some informational research (time permitting) to help you achieve that which may be of interest to you

Your Well-being Check

E.g. Son, Daughter, Partner, Lodger etc

About You

Single, Married, Cohabiting, Divorced, Widowed
E.g. Straight/Heterosexual, Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay

More About You

The questions in this section may seem intrusive, and this we know. The whole point of these questions is for us to know enough about you, especially in a case of an emergency.

Knowing this information could help us to support you better and adequately, if we ever find that we are seriously worried about your well-being, which also include your whereabouts.

Please note that if we have to contact the NHS in an emergency, we will ONLY disclose the information we know are needed, if asked. We have the right under the law to protect all the information you disclose to us, and we must also abide diligently by this under the law

E.g. Hobbies, likes, dislikes etc.

Other Support We May Be Able To Offer

By moral support, we mean to be a friend. We will not support you in decision making, we will not make any medical decision on your behalf, we will not support you to administer any treatment. It is purely to have someone by your side. A shoulder to cry on. Do you understand this

About Your Next of Kin

About your other Significant Person

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